Deploy a docker registry, with portus, and clair

I recently wrote an article on how to deploy a secure registry on a kubernetes cluster, at this time I knew PortUs but I thought it was not enough ready for production.

Deploy a docker registry on bare metal (debian) kubernetes

I previously installed a Kubernetes cluster on 3 “bare metal” debian machines (VPS OVH). Now I would like to be able to deploy some applications on this cluster, but in order to do that I will need to use a docker registry, public, secured and protected.

OpenVPN Server in a Docker Container

Since some months now I’m a kind of digital nomad, and working remotly from Cafés, Train stations, Airports or CoWorking spaces. And often I need to “secure” a little bit my connections.

Jenkins Docker and Gitlab

In this blog post I will explain how I configured my Jenkins (running in a docker container) to be able to clone and push on a private Gitlab git repository.

Configure docker httpd image

Recently I had to publish multiple application on a single machine and all applications will be publicly available on their own domains names.