Build Node docker image with Azure Devops Npm Registry and Azure Devops Pipelines

This page will explain how to build a docker image of a Node.Js application, that uses a private dependency stored in Azure Devops Artifact Npm Registry.

How to delete a specific message from RabbitMQ Queue ?

Recently I was looking for a way to delete a specific message from a RabbitMQ. After reading some threads online How to selectively delete messages from an AMQP (RabbitMQ) queue?, How to remove specific message from queue in rabbitmq, RabbitMQ: Is it possible to remove a message…

Séjour en Thaïlande, Covid-19, Visa, et retour en France

Demain, dimanche 29 Mars 2020, nous devons (avec ma femme thaïlandaise) prendre un vol pour Paris afin de rentrer chez nous à Bordeaux.

Mes conseils pour le télétravail

2020-03-25 - Rémi Goyard work

En ces temps de télé travail pour tous, je vais essayer dans ce billet de vous partager mon expérience en la matière. Certains d’entre vous le savent déjà, mais depuis près de 5 ans je partage ma vie entre la Thaïlande et la France, d’ailleurs j’écris ce billet depuis une…

Node Js Events are counterintuitive

We, on the team realized that we did not read the documentation of Node Events that says that listeners of events are called synchronously :

Deploy a docker registry, with portus, and clair

I recently wrote an article on how to deploy a secure registry on a kubernetes cluster, at this time I knew PortUs but I thought it was not enough ready for production.

Configure SSO for workplace with Keycloak using SAML

I will describe how to setup SSO for Workplace (by Facebook) with Keycloak as Identity provider.

Deploy a docker registry on bare metal (debian) kubernetes

I previously installed a Kubernetes cluster on 3 “bare metal” debian machines (VPS OVH). Now I would like to be able to deploy some applications on this cluster, but in order to do that I will need to use a docker registry, public, secured and protected.

FIX: IntelliJ does not show project folders

In this article I will explain how to reset project structure in IntelliJ when its stop displaying folder structure.

Install RHEL in VirtualBox (on Mac Os)

This step by step tutorial on how to install RHEL 7 as a VirtualBox image on a MacOs.

OpenVPN Server in a Docker Container

Since some months now I’m a kind of digital nomad, and working remotly from Cafés, Train stations, Airports or CoWorking spaces. And often I need to “secure” a little bit my connections.

Jenkins Docker and Gitlab

In this blog post I will explain how I configured my Jenkins (running in a docker container) to be able to clone and push on a private Gitlab git repository.

Configure docker httpd image

Recently I had to publish multiple application on a single machine and all applications will be publicly available on their own domains names.

Node.JS require plays hide-and-seek

Some times ago (I don’t really remember when), working on a Node.Js project, I realised something about require …

Debian Install Node.JS globally with NVM

Recently I had to install Node.JS on a server and allow all users to be able to use it.

Use Authorization Header with Swagger

Recently, on a project I had to document an API using[Swagger], as an authentication mechanism, the API, is using JWT.

VirtualBox CentOs 7 Bridge Network over Wi-Fi on Mac Os

Recently I wanted to create a Centos 7 Virtual machine on my Macbook Air (OS El Capitain – 10.11.3), as usual I downloaded an Iso from the net (The minimal Centos 7 Iso Installation).

How to use events in Node.js

In this blog post I will explain how to create and use Events in Node.Js The main purpose is to demonstrate the following :

Désactiver le mode ultra économie d’énergie sur Samsung Galaxy S7

Hier j’ai eu la mauvaise idée d’activer le mode Ultra économie d’énergie sur mon nouveau téléphone Samsung Galaxy S7, et ce pour économiser un peu de batterie.Samsung

Installation et configuration d’un serveur DNS (Bind9) sur Ubuntu

2016-05-14 - Rémi Goyard dns ubuntu bind 9

Cet article présente l’installation et la configuration d’un serveur DNS.

Publish AsciiDoc to WordPress

I wrote my last blog post about my first thoughts on AsciiDoc, in AsciiDoc. So when I have finished to write I wanted to post the article on my Blog. I have to confess that I thought there was a Worpdress plugin for writing in AsciiDoc.

Asciidoc include partial

With AsciiDoc, you can insert a part of a document in an another by « tagging » the section you want to « export » in the included file.

How to manage bower dependencies with Grunt

In this article we will describe how to manage bower dependencies with Grunt in your html file.

AsciiDoc & AsciiDoctor first step and first thoughts

Yesterday I was at Devoxx France and I’ve seen a talk about AsciiDoc (and AsciiDoctor).

HTML5 Web Storage Example

In this example, I will present you how to use HTML5 storage.

JavaScript Quizz

2014-03-15 - Rémi Goyard javascript

A little JavaScript Quizz, to show some languages subtleties …

Solid Code

Un article pour présenter les principes du code SOLID.

First Tests on Cloud ! CloudBees And Heroku

When I went to DevoXX France, everyone was talking about Cloud Services, like Cloudbees or Heroku. I didn’t looked before at those services, but I was able to do it last week !

Git server using gitblit on debian squeeze

Yesterday, one of my friend told me about GitBlit for managing Git repositories, and users, I’ve tried it today, and I really like this product, so I write this post … It will allow me to install a git server using gitblit on debian squeeze.

jQuery Loader Plugin

This little jQuery loader plugin is used to add a loading popup. This could be usefull for ajax calls, and it’s really simple to use !.

jQuery Postdatas Plugin

Just a little jQuery plugin to post datas with javascript, technically, this plugin add a hidden form in the page, all form fields are hidden, and then submit this form.

Changer la langue de Firefox et de Thunderbird

Il a pu vous arriver de télécharger une version de Firefox et/ou de Thunderbird en anglais par exemple, et plutôt que de re-télécharger une version française, pourquoi ne pas simplement changer la langue de firefox ou de votre Thunderbird ?